Monday, April 22, 2013

Bucks For Blayze!

This is a donation site my sister set up for our nephew, Blayze. He has been in the hospital all week starting Monday because he started having seizers and for quite a few days he was having them every 20 minutes- which is so scary! They are called Gelastic seizures and are usually caused by a tumor on/near the hypothalamus in the brain. He had an MRI and they didn't see a tumor- thank goodness! But the neurologist was very very surprised not to see a tumor because these seizures are so rare without the tumor there. He has to get bloodwork and MRI's every six months to see if one shows or develops. My sister and her husband don't have insurance right now and don't qualify for ACCHS, so the medical bills are really adding up. We are trying to raise a little money through this site and through a 5k that's being put together. Anything helps- even just a couple bucks! It's very scary but we have been so blessed during this time. Thank you for your prayers and donations!