Friday, July 16, 2010

Camping.In.Love! ♥ (August 2009)

So a few of my friends from high school and I decided to do an annual campout each year in order to stay in touch and just to have some fun together. It gives us time to catch up and to get away from real life for a little while. Each friend gets to bring their significant other.. and eventually families as kiddos come. ;) Last year we held the 1st annual campout (hey, ya gotta start somewhere!) during the first week of August near St. Johns, Az. It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself!

In attendance for the 1st annual campout was:
Brynn Foree
Codey Felsot
Katie Layden (now Humes)
Ryan Humes
Brenley Thomas (now Duncan)
Eric Duncan

Alright, so we need opinions! Personally, I think we need an official name for it.
The boys think we should not name the campout anything but "The Campout" but us girls wanted a more catchy name like "The Campout of Love" or "Camping In Love." We tried voting on it, but the boys thought we were ridiculous. Hey! Wouldn't it be so exciting for our generations that follow to be so excited to attend the "Campout of Love" each year? I think so! Anyway! Even without an official name, we all had a blast!

This year, for our 2nd annual campout, we picked the dunes near Thatcher, Az as the designated spot. September 3rd-6th, you can't come fast enough! :)

PS any name suggestions are welcomed! ;)

Phantom of the Opera (October 2009)

For my birthday, Eric got us tickets to see Phantom of he Opera at Gammage. It was so awesome! We were smack dab in the middle in row 17.. So close to the front! It was a really cool experience! Eric loved it just as much as I did, if not more, so that was fun! :)

The Proposal!

So I know this is a little backwards, but we are trying to back track a little to give everyone the story and a glimpse of the proposal!

eric talked to my dad on thursday night (8/5/09), and asked if he could marry me.. i knew about it but we had decided to kinda hold off on an actual engagement for another month or two, or so i thought:)

we left that night and went camping with katie and brynn and their boyfriends. eric and i left saturday morning because he had to drive back to the valley for "church meetings" for stake conference. he dropped me off at the high school in holbrook to pick up my car and i decided to help my mom paint her office.. the moody's came to help and had asked my mom if we all wanted to go to dinner together. we decided to leave emily at home and go to dinner. while we were sitting around the house waiting, my mom kept telling me i should get out of my painted shorts and t-shirt (this explains the paint on my hands in the proposal pictures!) and put something else on for dinner.. so right after i had changed katie came over and had said there was a package sitting in the bush outside. so i opened it then realized i was about to go on a scavenger hunt. katie hopped in the car with me and "called her boyfriend ryan" (she was really talking to eric) to let him know i had gotten a package and she was going with me to figure it all out.

i had wondered why eric would do this unless it was a proposal, but then talked myself out of that idea remembering he was in the valley and that we weren't really planning on getting engaged for a while.. so i just went with it and follow clues to places from our first date, first kiss, first dance, everything:) the second to last clue lead me to the auditorium, which made me extremely suspicious because no one was allowed in and it was unlocked. the final clue hanging on the door to get to the actual stage said to make my way to the stage. when i went in, the song eric always sings to me, "smile" by uncle cracker, was playing and there was a spotlight on me and everything else was pitch black. as i got on the stage i saw eric- amazing:)- and he just came and hugged me and gave me a kiss. the curtains started opening and eric grabbed both my hands and dropped to one knee pulling out a ring box.. a slide with pictures of us and the words "will you marry me" appeared behind us and eric asked if i would marry him, opening the ring box- gorgeous!! he actually started putting it on my right hand and i had to tell him it was the wrong hand haha but then he got it on. i wasn't crying, for the record, and everyone who was in the auditorium started clapping, which was his whole family, my family, and a few best friends:) he was staring at me and then said-- you forgot to say yes!! haha so i said yes, of course and then we kissed and everyone came on the stage to give hugs and whatnot

... thats pretty much the whole story in a nutshell:)