Friday, July 16, 2010

Camping.In.Love! ♥ (August 2009)

So a few of my friends from high school and I decided to do an annual campout each year in order to stay in touch and just to have some fun together. It gives us time to catch up and to get away from real life for a little while. Each friend gets to bring their significant other.. and eventually families as kiddos come. ;) Last year we held the 1st annual campout (hey, ya gotta start somewhere!) during the first week of August near St. Johns, Az. It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself!

In attendance for the 1st annual campout was:
Brynn Foree
Codey Felsot
Katie Layden (now Humes)
Ryan Humes
Brenley Thomas (now Duncan)
Eric Duncan

Alright, so we need opinions! Personally, I think we need an official name for it.
The boys think we should not name the campout anything but "The Campout" but us girls wanted a more catchy name like "The Campout of Love" or "Camping In Love." We tried voting on it, but the boys thought we were ridiculous. Hey! Wouldn't it be so exciting for our generations that follow to be so excited to attend the "Campout of Love" each year? I think so! Anyway! Even without an official name, we all had a blast!

This year, for our 2nd annual campout, we picked the dunes near Thatcher, Az as the designated spot. September 3rd-6th, you can't come fast enough! :)

PS any name suggestions are welcomed! ;)


  1. i'm so happy you're blogging! as for the campout, i have no idea for any names... but i'm sure you'll think of something :)

  2. Hey Bernard!
    Okay I just had the best dream about us and our men! Hmm... I hope you check this... maybe I will post it to you facebook! Yes... that is what I will do! Cute blog! Love you!