Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hawaii (State Trip- May 2011)

Alrighty, here are some pictures from Hawaii from May, 2011. We didn't take a lot of ourselves, but we got plenty of the scenery, which was phenomenal! The picture of my little crab friend was one of my favorites! The picture with the oyster and the pearls is from when we each picked out an oyster to get the pearl out of and mine had one black pearl, which we got turned into a ring, and Eric picked one that had TWO beautiful white pearl babies in it. The lady said it meant we were going to have twins! (I sure hope so- I'd love to have twins! :) ) We went to Pearl Harbor as well, and Eric was so thrilled, so we got lots of pictures of him! ;) Our trip to Hawaii was short, but so much fun and I would definitely recommend going at least once!