Monday, October 29, 2012

We Like To Move It, Move it!

Okay so we don't really like moving, but that song has been stuck in my head when it comes to moving to the new house. Plus, it keeps my morale up while packing. :)

So the new house is finished, a bazillion papers signed to make it final, and now my parents and grandma are officially home owners of this ginormous house! Yay! We got the keys on Friday and Chelsea, my dad, and I packed up the garage at the house we're renting. The garage was completely stuffed. Like, we had about a one foot walk way from the door to the garage door so that we take out the trash, but that was it. I wish I would have taken a before and after picture because it was ridiculous. All of mine and Eric's stuff was in there, including new couches we had gotten right before we moved in, plus my grandma's huge patio furniture, plus a freezer and a refrigerator, plus a king size bed and two twin beds with bedframes and headboards and all that, plus about 80 boxes full of noni's stuff, a few filing cabinets, a desk, camping stuff, lawn mower, and I'm sure I'm forgetting alot of other stuff too, but I think you get the point! We got the biggest size of Uhaul truck, and we filled it completely up with no room to spare and still didn't even get everything in the garage out. Yep, ri-freakin-diculous! We haven't even put a dent in moving yet, sadly. Our entire house is still completely full and has yet to be packed. I'm sure it will take, but at least there will be room for everything in the new house- it's massive! Just about 5,500 sq ft! I'm exhausted just thinking about it really. And since I'm at home with my grandma, and everyone else has school and work, we (meaning me, of course) will probably be doing a huge majority of the pack and unpacking. Wish me luck! (...and sanity!)

We scoped out our new ward and it seems pretty awesome. They are very on top of things though, (the exec secretary followed us out after sacrament meeting the first time we went to get our info for our records to be transferred already! And this was before the house even closed!) so I wouldn't be surprised if we all have to speak in church realllllly soon. The other thing I noticed (of course) is that there are a million children, babies, and pregnant ladies in the ward. It seems to be mostly young families. I just hope I don't have any of my "bad days" on Sundays, or at least be able to hold it together until I get home. Who knows, maybe there's something in the water there... I can dream, right?

In other news, I'm now substitute teaching! It gives me something to do and I'm still home early enough that Noni isn't home all day by herself. I also am only going to take a couple days a week to substitute teach, so I will still be home most of the week.

Nothing else too exciting has been happening for us around here. I know my posts have been getting scarce, but I am just never really sure what to post when I don't do much!

Keep on keepin on everyone! :)


  1. k, wait more details...and PCITUES! 5500 sq ft?! I am drowning in this 3300 with the 7 of us. I miss my 2100sq ft. I'm a freak though. Um, WHERE IS IT?! and yea, sorry about the packing. We just did move #15 (in 12 years) and I did the last 2 all by myself...needless to say, when you're packing for 7, you throw a lot of everyone else's crap in the trash! haha. LMK if you need anything . Seriosuly, other than shoots on the weekend, I'm free!!!! And not too far. LMK

  2. ohhhh I hate it. We were lucky enough to get snow EVERY time we moved...all 4 times! This last time I swore that if for any reason we move again I'm just going to burn everything and buy new haha! I wish you lived closer, my mom and I are master packers. We even though of maybe opening a professional packing business.
    Good luck!

  3. What an awesome HUGE place! Yeah for new beginnings and Drink lots of that water, Good vibes! I'm so glad you get to earn extra money subbing, fun!

  4. Where's the new place?? I'm excited that you guys are finally getting more space! And if you ask me, there's probably some sneaky God-like reason that you were put into that ward. :)

  5. How exciting! Where's the new house? Closer to us maybe?? j/k I can hope though. Glad you like your new ward. I heard a baby crying in goodwill this morning, and I almost broke down completely. Our baby died a year ago this month. Life is usually wonderful, but sometimes it really stinks. We love you guys and are thinking about you :)