Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy To Be Back!

I'm back. . . I'm me again!

. . .Finally!

They say it takes about 6 weeks for the fertility drugs to leave your system once you stop taking them. I'm at that 6 week mark and I am feeling much more normal! I'm so happy to be feeling more like myself and less like a medically-induced-crazy-hormonal-slightly-bipolar mess that I was.

Things have been a little rough but I'm on the up and up now and looking forward to what is to come for Eric and I now.

My life as of late:

     *Microbiology - yuck. I like biology but I'm not loving this. I need an A and I can tell already I'm going to have to fight to the death for it.
     *Sinus infection-ness - finally getting over a 2 week cold/sinus infection/ear infection. That wasn't fun. Probably another reason I feel so much better this week- ridding my body of crazy meds and sickness!
     *The Bachelor- Yep. That's happening.
     *Weight Loss - I'm down about 6ish lbs since Jan 7.. which is not too bad I guess. Its been rough this time around but I'm trying to stay motivated. My grandma and I have been walking about 1 1/4 mile a day lately so we're not just sitting around all the time. It only burns about 100cal but its better than nothing I guess. I want to start my "couch to 10k" program again but I'm so afraid of running! Maybe I'll do it this week.. Yes, yes I will do it this week.
     *Dark Hair - Not very me, but fun to try out long, dark hair for once in my life. It's actually darker, longer, and a little less reddish than it appears in that picture but what can ya do.



Also note the beautiful necklace in the "after" picture. I love it! It was a gift from my grandma Noni this week. The quote describing the necklace named after Eliza R. Snow says, "Childless but eulogized as 'Mother of all Mothers in Israel.'" It was such a sweet gesture and I absolutely adore it. The words touched my heart and I am so thankful for this tender mercy from my Heavenly Father. 


  1. Glad youre back....I love the hair!!

  2. Your hair is beautiful I love it! I'm glad your feeling more like Brenley again. I love you friend! Keep up your amazing work!

  3. I love your hair, looks good! Glad your back.

  4. CUTE CUTE hair! I need to follow your example and start running too.

  5. You rock dark hair! Love it!