Monday, February 25, 2013


I am so blessed!

Today I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards my Heavenly Father. Eric and I have been so blessed throughout our marriage with work, finances, each other, callings in church, family, etc. and things have seemed to work out for us, despite our struggles and trials. Even in the midst of hard things, our Heavenly Father sends tender mercies to help buoy us up and to help lighten our burdens. 

One recent tender mercy for me has been this precious, tiny, human. 

This is 6-week-old, Mieka! Starting today, I get to hang out with this adorable, beautiful, baby all day during the week. How lucky am I? Although Eric and I haven't been able to have our own kids yet, I am blessed with the opportunity to help one of my friends out and play mom for a little while. I'm loving it and soaking up this newborn time! 

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