Thursday, February 28, 2013

Insane in the Membrane.


Yep. That's happening.

Hubs and I started on Tuesday and I seriously wanted to die. Pretty sure if we got a grade for the fit test, I'd get an F... possibly a D+. But I guess that just means I have a lot to work toward, right? So here's how it's been going:

Day 1: Fit Test Day- kill me.

Day 2: Finished (if you can call it that) all but the last 8 min of the workout because Eric was going to be late for work. It was so hard! I'm seriously out.of.shape!

What I ate:
Meal 1. Protein shake. Yuck.
Meal 2: Cottage cheese, 1 egg, and bagel
Meal 3: (nothing - breakfast was kind of late)
Meal 4: Salt and Vinegar Chips (super healthy, I know)
Meal 5: Subway 6in Turkey sub with olives, pickles, light mayo, mustard, avocado, and no cheese (boo. :( I love cheese)

Day 3: Today wasn't so bad... besides the waking up insanely (haha punny!) sore part. Like I could barely walk sore and looked like someone who rode across the country on a horse. But working out made it feel soo much better... after the first excrutiating 10min of course:)
Eric and I went grocery shopping last night to try and follow the meal plan. It went okay and hopefully we can stick to it. :) I packed Eric's 5-meal day (since he works till 8pm) and sent him off to work with a big smooch. Goodness, I love that man. He is such a good motivator when we're working out. I seriously don't think I'd be able to get through the whole workout without him. It may or may not be because I don't want him to see what a weak-sissy-la-la I am haha so I guess trying to impress him keeps me going.

What I ate:
Meal 1: Protein Shake, Bagel Thin with Fat Free Cream Cheese
Meal 2: Fat Free Cottage Cheese, Grapes (pictured below :))
Meal 3: Whole wheat bread thin sandwich with ham, lettuce, tomato, lite mayo and mustard. (pictured... with my no-make-up face. don't judge me haha)
Meal 4: Banana, fat free cottage cheese (I bought yogurt but I don't like it and I wasn't brave enough today haha mate tomorrow)
Meal 5:

Hopefully I'll feel as positive tomorrow! :)

Have a happy day!


  1. Thats awesome you guys are doing insanity :)You should think about hiking havasupai with us in May. Since you'll be in rockin shape by then yeah? Good luck :)

  2. Day 3 of eating healthy is always the day I screw up! I like the meal plan idea! P.S. I'm jealous of your no make up face! :)

  3. you need more greens on that sammich! Go you for starting this though! I can't bring myself to buy it so I just stick with what I have :)

    1. Hey that was 2 pieces of lettuce! Haha I can't handle more than that- I HATE lettuce! Dieting is hard when you hate salad/lettuce haha. Bit seriously, 2 pieces of lettuce was a big step for me.