Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Husband is Awesome :)

Anyone who knows Eric in real life knows how super awesome and amazing he is.. But I bet you didn't know he was THIS awesome- last night after my nightly PIO shot in the butt, I said something like "How would you like this needle in your butt? Then you could get a little glimpse at what I go through with these shots." (yeah I was being a little bit of a brat, but it really does suck getting stuck in the butt! My butt is soooo freakin sore already, and it's only been 5 days!)
Anywho! Eric said "Okay, do it." in stick a needle in his butt! Say what?! Does anyone else have a husband that would let you stick this sucker (refer to picture) in his gluteus maximus? I seriously doubt it. I asked if he was serious and he said yes.. So I got a new needle out, got an alcohol swab out and wiped down the designated area. Again I asked if he was really going to let me and he just laid (lay, lie?) there waiting. Honestly I thought maybe he'd punch me or something out of reflex.. So I stretched the skin out and... BAM! Stabbed him right in the butt like a ninja!

...okay that last sentence was a lie.

It was more like, BAM- Brenley's a little ninny! I just couldn't do it! I know how it feels and I just didn't want to inflict any pain on him I guess haha you'd think after all the shots he's stabbed me with, I could do it. But, alas, I could not.

But common, seriously people, the fact that he was going to let me do it- how awesome is he? He didn't have to say it out loud, but just doing that shows me how supportive he is and he wants me to know he's there and that he cares and appreciates what I'm going through.

Ahh I just love that guy. :)


  1. WoW! I'm sure if I asked Hubbs to try it out he would run and cry! He does get all sweet and rub my lower back during and he always says that he hates making me hurt.
    It's not easy now, I've been taking them for over 40days this round and I have knots in both bum muscles and bruises all over the place...he goes "ugh I really hope we can stop this soon, your butt looks horrible and I hate making you hurt every night"'s so sweet knowing he feels that way.
    You must try standing with your feet toes together and heels out and lean on the back of a chair or counter, It keeps you from clenching your bum muscles and it hurts less!
    good luck, I'm sooooo rooting for you this round!

  2. Ekkk that is a big needle!! I am glad I don't have to do those!! I am sorry you do tho!!