Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thomas Christmas Extravaganza!

Well Christmas this year was with my family and my mom planned almost a whole week full of festivities. So Friday night is when my sisters and their families came, and we didn't have anything planned for that night because we had a wedding to take down. (our family has a wedding business if you didn't already know:

Saturday morning was the BETA so Eric and I drove to Scottsdale for the blood draw and then met the family at the Mesa Temple to do some family names together. We ate breakfast together at the cafeteria there and then went and did sealings. Now waiting for BETA results is not fun and can mess with your head, so waiting at the temple was the perfect way to spend the few hours waiting. When we were done, I had a voicemail waiting for me and I had a tiny sliver of hope which quickly diminished when the voicemail confirmed what I already knew- it didn't work and we weren't pregnant.. Again. I didn't really want to tell my family so I just let them listen to the voicemail. They were sad and saying how sorry they were but I was just ready for it all to be over with and for everyone to not talk about it. I sen out a text to all the family and then posted on the blog.

We all met for lunch and then the plan for the day was shopping. So we all went our separate ways to finish our last minute shopping. I got a call from Dr. A that afternoon, the awesome person he is, to say how sorry he was as well. He went on to explain some next steps and where we should go from here but it was hard to focus on what he was saying. We will go in sometime soon for our "WTF" appointment to talk more about all of it.. But I think we're done, for now.

That night the family went to the temple lights and Eric and I had to get some groceries for breakfast the next day and ended up just going home to hang out together.

Sunday: we woke up and I made breakfast for everyone (by the way 'everyone' includes my mom and dad, my oldest sister, her husband and their two boys, my second oldest sister, her hubs and their little boy and girl, my younger sister and her new hubs, my 7 year old sis, and Eric and I). After that we all went to church. Eric and I were asked to substitute in primary for the 3 year old class so we hung out with 10 littles for a couple hours.. It was both fun and a little painful. After church we took naps, hung out, wrapped gifts, and watched movies for a while until we started the nativity. Eric and I were asked to be Joseph and pregnant Mary- very funny, right? It turned out cute and I tried to just keep on my happy face. It was fun having a cute little fake pregnant belly, but it was just that-
After the nativity we went caroling. There was some game on so most of the guys stayed home and my mom, the sisters, and the grand kids went. It was so much fun. Our neighborhood is brand new so it was fun to meet some of our neighbors. My mom and sisters and I harmonized and it was awesome to sing with them again, it's been a while! I absolutely love singing with our family:) Once we got back from caroling, we put the kids to bed and had a murder mystery dinner. We all dressed up in 30's costumes and it was such a blast! If you haven't done one before, you totally should!

Monday, Christmas Eve, we all had a few other things to get. So we split up again, and went out. All of us sisters and our husbands met at olive garden for lunch then went home to do some major wrapping. Our family talent show (or variety show, rather) was at 7 and it was hilarious! We had 18 talents presented and some where serious, and most weren't but we had a ton of fun! Our traditional "Bug" game was next. Its our version of white elephant and it makes it last longer. It's basically like the game Cooties but once you draw a bug you pin a present or steal someone else's. If you want the full game rules let me know- it's super awesome! The kids went to bed and we got all of the presents and stockings set up and went to bed ourselves.

Tuesday, Christmas Day, we opened presents and played Just Dance and ate and watched Pitch Perfect (LOVE!) I got my very first bike! Haha that was cool. It's a beach cruiser and totally adorable! Eric used my dads bike and we went for a long ride with Presley. Eric got a book series he's been wanting and he also got a white house Lego set- which he was super excited about! Haha my niece (the one I've posted about before- shes my favorite!) got a legit cinderella dress and she was soo adorable! It was a fun day and it was so nice to be surrounded by family. My sister, that lives in Cali, and her family had to leave that afternoon, which was sad, but it was so nice to have them here all weekend. Also today (Warning! This is a TMI section) I started my post IVF period in the late afternoon. Compete suckfest! It is soo awful and painful and is like mother nature YELLING at me that I'm not pregnant. I normally have very regular, light, 4 day, no cramping, periods but after a treatment, it's just horrible. It makes me want to cry for so many reasons! Okay TMI section over.

Today, besides my sisters fam in Cali and the 2 husband's that have to work (that includes Eric), we are all planning on going to the zoo. I don't think I'll be going actually, but that's what's on today's agenda.

It's been a very fun-filled, delicious, exciting, and hilarious holiday weekend/week. I love having all of my family in one house together and it's neat to see the family grow from just us girls to husbands and kids.

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  1. It sounds like you all had a blast! It's always nice to get everyone together again after so long. And your bike is awesome!!! I love ya and want you to keep that chin up. I know things are hard and discouraging but it's all in the attitude you carry around. :) You're in my prayers. <3